Afterschool Academy

We are pleased to be able to offer a quality afterschool care program at MCA for all students in the community. Our certified teacher carefully plans themed activities for each day and provides a monthly calendar of activities for parents. Some days are “low and slow” where the chapel becomes a movie theatre, while other days the kids are very active with games that are very energetic. We also provide healthy snacks, and time for “homework helper” for those children who need time or assistance to finish class assignments.

Time: The program begins for MCA students immediately after school at 2:50 and ends promptly at 5:30.
Rate: The charge is a flat rate of $35.00 per week.
Ages: The program is available to children of pre-school age and up. Typically, children up through fifth grade attend, but we are flexible on this.
Days Available: We are closely aligned with the Monticello public calendar with a few variations. There will be a few times each year that the public school releases early and MCA does not, making it necessary for those parents to arrange for care.

Please contact the office at 762-3544, to get information about availability, and answer any questions you may have.